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Kween Kong's Drag Race Down Under S3 Finale Choreo Was Scrapped

Kween Kong's Drag Race Down Under S3 Finale Choreo Was Scrapped

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The season two runner-up was featured in the finale episode as a choreographer, but none of her work was actually used.

Riga morris, girl!

The finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season three featured Kween Kong, one of the runners-up of season two, as a special guest choreographer for the “Crying on the Dance Floor” Rumix challenge. From the jump, fans were excited to see a former contestant being invited to return as a professional advisor – something that’s still very uncommon even for flagship seasons of Drag Race.

However, as Kong taught her choreography to the season three finalists – Isis Avis Loren, Gabriella Labucci, and Flor – it quickly became clear that the routine was perhaps too complicated for this top three. The rehearsal scene also showed two dancers who would be included in the performance. But when the queens actually did their Rumix performance on the main stage, Kong’s choreo was nowhere to be found, and there weren’t any dancers backing up the queens, either.

In response, Kong shared a statement on X (formerly Twitter):

“FYI: Just so we know, the dancers for the challenge were originally in the set and after two takes [they] were taken out and the choreo I made was scrapped and the queens were asked to ‘do their thing.’ That’s why it looked simple! [middle finger emoji].”

On social media, certain fans expressed that Kong’s choreography was too complicated for this set of queens, noting that Drag Race choreographers typically try to cater to the queens’ abilities so they can look their best in a performance. However, judging by Kong’s tweet, it seems like her work was just scrapped altogether.

Even though the top three Rumix performance of “Crying on the Dance Floor” turned out okay, it was significantly simpler than the steps Kong had taught the queens. Kong suggested in her tweet that the queens were told to “do their thing,” which could mean that they came up with a new choreography themselves.

It’s disappointing that a Down Under alum was featured on the show as a professional in her field only to have her work be completely ignored, but one can also argue that the top three queens needed to look their best at the grand finale – even if that meant going with a simpler choreography to avoid any huge missteps.

Congratulations to the newly-crowned Drag Race Down Under season three winner!

All three seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under are available for streaming on WOW Presents Plus.

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