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Here's Your First Look at Interview With The Vampire Season 2

Here's Your First Look at Interview With The Vampire Season 2

AMC show interview with the vampire season 2
Image: AMC Networks

God, we love gay vampires!

A new vampire is interested in Louis in the new, first clip from season two of AMC’s Interview With the Vampire!

So where are Louis and Claudia now that they've parted ways with Lestat? It seems like we have our answer! The new clip introduces us to a new vampire, one who runs a group of vampires in France. Louis and Claudia have joined up with his roving band of vamps who are attacking the attendees of a wealthy estate’s party during what seems to be World War II.

As the group of vampires go into the estate and bloodily slaughter all the guests, Louis and his new friend stay outside to talk.

“You’re not going to, um…?” Louis asks the vampire, nodding to the party.

“I am now where I most want to be,” the vampire replies, handing him a cigarette.

After another minute or so of vampire flirting, the new character reveals he was able to read something on Louis’ mind: he had a reaction when he mentioned the name “Lestat” earlier.

Exes, am I right?

The first season of the series was critically acclaimed, and one of the reasons we loved it so much was that it took the homoeroticism of the original novel and movie and turned it into actual on-screen homosexual relationships and sex.

Louis and Lestat’s relationship was especially a highlight, with the two vampires battling for control and power in the relationship while murdering people left and right. It’s the perfect gay show for Halloween.

In fact, if you weren’t able to watch the first season on AMC or AMC+, it’s currently also streaming on Max.

The second season of Interview With the Vampire comes to AMC in 2024.

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