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Sam Smith Isn't Sorry For Sexy, Femme Music Video

Sam Smith Isn't Sorry For Sexy, Femme Music Video

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“Weirder things have happened in that castle, let’s be honest.”

Sam Smith is making music videos on their own terms.

In the new video for their new single “I’m Not Here To Make Friends,” Smith shows off their banging body and style in several revealing outfits, with sexy dancers hanging off of them. It’s a triumph of queer art.

Smith is first seen wearing a gorgeously oversized hot pink gown, but has several costume changes throughout. They wear a crown, a corset, short shorts, and tights, and their dancers wear even less.

Later in the video, Smith, as well as plenty of their backup dancers of all genders, are wearing lingerie, including nipple pasties and bare butt cheeks. It’s a glorious celebration of Smith’s body and sexuality.

However, haters are busy being haters, complaining about everything from their sexuality to Smith’s body itself.

According to theGay Times, critics of the video called it “pornography” and condemned YouTube for not including “age restrictions” on the “degrading sexualised new music video.”

But Smith is having none of that. In a tweet that seems to be responding to the backlash, Smith tweeted a picture of them in a gorgeous black gown, cape, and headdress from the video with the simple caption “Never too much.”

We agree, Sam, and in fact, we’d love even more!

Smith also talked about the backlash with Graham Norton, saying on his show that it birthed their “favorite headline I’ve ever had.”

“I think it was ‘Sam Smith Horrifies OAPs,’” they laughed. OAPs are “old-age pensioners,” a common term for senior citizens in the UK.

“Nothing seedy went on guys, it wasn’t weird,” they added as Norton showed pictures from the music video. “Weirder things have happened in that castle, let’s be honest.”

Pop music, and music videos, have been home to sexually explicit lyrics and images for over fifty years, so why are people hating on Smith? Well, they are nonbinary, trans, chubby, and femme.

When Harry Styles wears a skirt and no shirt, he’s praised for breaking gender binaries and redefining manhood, but when Smith wears a dress, they’re called pornographic and disgusting.

Smith is currently riding high, with a performance at this weekend’s Grammy Awards, where they are also nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Unholy” featuring Kim Petras.

Watch the music video for “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” below.

Sam Smith - I'm Not Here To Make

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