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Christian Chávez Talks RBD Reunion & Finally Accepting His Sexuality

Christian Chávez Talks RBD Reunion & Finally Accepting His Sexuality

Christian Chávez Talks RBD Reunion & Finally Accepting His Sexuality
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The singer is spilling on the pop group's comeback and his newfound confidence with Out.

Get ready Rebelde fans!

Christian Chávez garnered global attention in the popular telenovela Rebelde as the lovable Giovanni Mendez Lopez.

With the show becoming a huge hit, the cast eventually formed a pop group known as RBD, which comprised of Chávez, Maite Perroni, Anahi, Alfonso Herrera, Dulce Maria, and Christopher von Uckermann. Even though the group broke up in 2009, RBD is considered the biggest pop group in Mexican history.

Now, the group is making an unprecedented return with a sold out global arena tour by finally reuniting this year. Only a certain amount of lucky fans were lucky to score tickets to RBD's upcoming tour, as all of their dates completely sold out in less than 24 hours.

"It's so amazing, honestly. I'm 39 years old, but there's this new generation that are actually listening to the music. I'm still pinching myself," Chávez tells Out.

While Chávez is experiencing a ton of success before the tour even kicks off, his personal story is what's currently fueling his happiness. The singer was outed in 2007 when pictures of him and his alleged boyfriend were published in a magazine.

Instead of staying in the closet, the star decided to publicly come out and ended up losing everything at the height of his career.

"When they outed me like 14 years ago, it was so hard and it was so dark. Honestly, I thought that was it for me. I want to come back with this opportunity by being myself on stage... by being my queer self. Before, I was so scared of showing my true colors."

Chávez is beyond grateful to now have this second chance where he can get back to doing what he loves. After experiencing a lot of lows in the industry, the singer is ready to strut his stuff from coast to coast.

"It's a gift from heaven. I'm not going to lie to you. It's been like four years since I've started to be myself. Now, I get to be myself on a humongous stage. The teenager that was dreaming in front of the mirror and singing and dancing... now, I'm going to cherish him."

Although Chávez had a tough time navigating his sexuality in the spotlight, he also had a slew of toxic relationships that made headlines around the world. The star was only in his 20s when everything started falling apart, so he sadly fell into a severe depression and suffered from addiction.

"Honestly, it was so hard. I tried to kill myself. This just makes me remind myself that life is changing the whole time. Thank God I'm here. Thank God things changed. You have to keep holding on and be yourself. Some day, you're just going to wake up and you're going to see that it's not hurting anymore and it's getting better."

As a fully grown adult now, the star still gets emotional when he looks back on his journey. Chávez is continually striving to make his younger self proud by living the life he always dreamed of.

"There's something that I'm doing with my therapist. I have a picture of myself at five years old. I have it next to my bed and every time I wake up, I look at him and [realize] I'm doing this for him. It's just so beautiful and it's also very hard. Now that I'm 39, I have to embrace myself. It took me so long, but at the same time, I'm thankful for it. I have a purpose now and that totally changes everything."

Since Chávez was one of the first male celebrities to come out of the closet in the 2000's, his road to self-acceptance has been very difficult. However, he's grateful that younger generations can listen to his story and feel inspired to come out on their own terms.

"I'm so thankful for people approaching me and [sharing their] courage to talk to their parents. That's something that makes me so happy and it makes me just be thankful every day."

Fans can learn more about RBD's 2023 tour by visiting their website. To see the full interview with Christian Chávez, check out the video below.

Christian Chávez Talks RBD Reunion & Finally Accepting His

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