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Red, White & Royal Blue Director Clarifies Rumors of the Alleged 3-Hour Cut

Red, White & Royal Blue Director Clarifies Rumors of the Alleged 3-Hour Cut


We need to know the truth!

What is the truth!?

Just days after Red, White & Royal Blue director Matthew López said that the original cut of the wildly popular Amazon Prime Video movie was about three hours long, he’s clarifying, saying that version of the movie was just an “assembly” of the film, not an actual cut of it that would work as a film.

After López was quoted as saying that there was a three-hour version of RWRB, fans immediately wanted to see it. They took to social media demanding the López Cut, even creating a petition that had thousands of signees.

Now, he’s clearing it all up. When Teen Vogue asked him about the alleged three-hour cut, López clarified what he actually meant.

“This has gotten a little out of hand. I need to set the record straight here,” he said. “There was never a three-hour cut of this film. What I said to somebody — now I deeply regret saying it (laughs) — was the assembly of this film was about 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

“But an assembly of a film, anyone who’s ever worked on a movie will tell you, an assembly is not a cut,” he continued. “An assembly is quite literally everything that’s in the script that was shot, strung together in order. And that first assembly came to about 2 hours and 45 minutes. So the movie was never 3 hours long and there was never a cut of the film that was 3 hours long.”

He pointed out that no one would want to see an assembly of a film, and that it’s only meant for editors and directors.

“So we’re not talking about a version of the film that was three hours long,” he concluded. “We’re talking about when everything was put together without any consideration for timing, for pacing. All the film’s materials when strung together equaled 2:45. No one will ever see that.”

Sadly, it looks like we’ll never get the three hour cut of the romance between Prince Henry and Alex Claremont-Diaz.

Red, White & Royal Blue is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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