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Viewers Agree: Red, White & Royal Blue Didn't Deserve to Be Rated R

Viewers Agree: Red, White & Royal Blue Didn't Deserve to Be Rated R


We've seen more sex in straight PG-13 romances!

Prime Video’s film adaptation of the bestselling gay YA rom-com novel Red, White & Royal Blue has come out, and while fans were initially excited to see how far the movie would go since it was given an R rating, now, viewers are left scratching their heads at how the movie got that rating at all.

Red, White & Royal Blue follows the son of the US president Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and a British Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) as they fall in love and navigate what that means for each of their lives.

When we learned that the movie was rated R, we, like many others, were hoping to see multiple sex scenes, nudity, and overall, a raunchy sex-fest, like Joy Ride.

The film has its fair share of sexual dialogue, but when it comes to showing actual nudity and sex, it wasn’t much raunchier than a usual PG-13 comedy. Viewers are noticing, and are calling out the rating for perceived homophobia.

Probably the closest the movie comes to earning its R rating (other than multiple usages of the word “f*ck” that were added in after it got the rating according to the director), is the scene where the two first have sex.

While nothing explicit is shown, we can see Prince Henry lay on his back, raise his knees, and position himself to be topped by Alex. While it’s not necessarily R-rating material, it has proven educational for straight people who didn’t know that gay people can have missionary sex.

Now, many viewers are calling out the rating that the film got, pointing out that straight romances commonly have much more sex in them.

British viewers are pointing out that while the film got an R rating in the US, it only got an A 12 rating in the UK, equivelant to the US's PG-13.

Still, while some viewers disagree with the movie's rating, they also decided to be a little shady.

Red, White and Royal Blue is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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