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The Call Me by Your Name Peach Scene Turned Everyone On, According to Science

The Call Me by Your Name Peach Scene Turned Everyone On, According to Science


It wasn't the only queer sex scene to get hearts beating faster!

A new study has found out exactly which sex scenes get the blood flowing, and a couple of our favorite queer scenes made the cut!

Pop culture website FandomSpot has released the results from a recent survey they conducted where they monitored the heart rates of people watching some of film and television's sexiest, intimate love scenes, and we are gagging over the results. While the study included mostly straight sex scenes, a couple of same-sex scenes were included, and they ranked pleasantly high on the chart!

Coming in at number four on the countdown, we've got the steamy and intimate peach scene from the Oscar-winning 2017 coming-of-age drama Call Me by Your Name. The study found that heart rates increased a whopping 29 percent while watching the scene!

But that wasn't the only same-sex scene to make the top five! Coming in right after CMBYN is a scene from Orange Is the New Blackwhere Alex and Piper first have sex in the shower. According to FandomSpot's results, the sapphic scene got viewers' hearts to beat 27 percent faster.

The top three "hottest" sex scenes in modern TV and movies, according to the study, include a sex scene in Normal People, the pottery scene from Ghost (amen), and the bed breaking superpowered sex scene in Jessica Jones.

To conduct the study, FandomSpot sent 100 people heart rate monitors and asked them to watch sex scenes alone in a room. Wanky. They got a diverse group of viewers, from across different locations, genders, sexual orientations, and ages.

According to the site, "multiple scientific studies have proven a direct correlation between heart rates and arousal, with heart rates rising when individuals feel more sexually aroused," and "additional research from the American Heart Organization has found that when a person has strengthened emotions, such as feeling extraordinarily happy or sad, their pulse rises." We love a scientifically backed study!

Participants in the study were only given 50 scenes to watch, so there's a good chance some truly hot scenes weren't measured. What sex scenes do you think they should've included?

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