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Is Zach Quinto Dating Model Miles McMillan?

Is Zach Quinto Dating Model Miles McMillan?

BREAKING: Rumors are surfacing on the "real reasons" behind Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff's breakup.

Gossip queen Perez Hilton recently posted a video in which he speculates that Quinto broke up with Groff because he wanted an "open relationship".

Hilton adds that Quinto has already put the moves on a new young man: top model Miles McMillan.

According to the blogger, the pair recently took a vacation to Ireland, where Quinto travelled to give an acting masterclass at the Galway Film Festival.

You may recognize McMillan from our controversial Do The Hustle photo shoot in 2012. The model also fronted global campaigns for H&M and Paul Smith, and we hung out with him backstage at the Michael Bastian show at New York Fashion Week.

We also found this picture of Quinto and McMillan together on tumblr. Evidence?



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