Trend Alert: Rapping About Anna Wintour

Trend Alert: Rapping About Anna Wintour

We don't need to tell you that fashion and music make perfect bedfellows—you can see it for yourself everywhere you look. Example: hot on the heels of Nicki Minaj's song wherein she reminisces about the magic of attending Oscar de la Renta's Fashion Week show—including a shout out to Vogue's Anna Wintour—Kanye West's latest single, Theraflu, boasts of his relationship with fashion's premiere powerbroker. "Dinner with Anna Wintour," he brags before going on to mention that he was, "racin' with [model] Anja Rubik." Later in the ditty, he also makes a reference to the most noteworthy item from his poorly received debut fashion collection: the shoes, which were made in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. "Six thousand-dollar pair of shoes, we made it to the Paris news," the musician exclaims. We wonder what Ms. Wintour's thoughts are on her name suddenly becoming common parlance in hip hop lyrics—especially West's—considering her comment (or lack thereof, rather, which is ultimately more telling, really) on his spring 2012 collection. Oh, and while we're on the topic of Mr. West, rumor has it that he's now dating Kim Kardashian (somehow, that cosmically seemed meant to be). You can listen to the song on Perez Hilton's website here

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