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Here's Where to Buy Frank Ocean's Anti-Discrimination Panorama Tee

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean made a powerful statement this weekend during his Panorama Music Festival set, with a t-shirt that read in all caps: "Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when u could just be quiet?" Considering America's bleak political environment and a president that prefers hearing his voice over the people's, Ocean's message of silence is one that especially resonates, right now. 

The slogan tee was created by Green Box Shop, an independent Afro-Latina-owned clothing brand helmed by 18-year-old Kayla Robinson, with a mission to address "how hate speech will not be tolerated by the tolerant left." Green Box Shop currently offers a full range of social justice merchandise, including their "Climate Change is Real" shirt with 50 percent of proceeds promised to support the Honeybee Conservancy. 

Ocean's tee references a statement made on Twitter by a young man named Brandon, who posed the question to his followers in August, 2015. The Tweet has since been retweeted 29k times and favorited another 23k. 

"It's very exciting to see a queer icon like Frank Ocean giving a voice to marginalized groups and using his platform to raise awareness about social justice issues using one of our shirts," Robinson said in a statement. "My business is essentially my life message. I want other companies to know that they can use sustainable/ environmentally friendly business practices (fair trade and/or organic fabrics) and still thrive as a business. The fact that Frank Ocean is contributing to this reality is surreal for me and I am eternally grateful."

Click here to purchase Ocean's Green Box Shop tee for $18.99. 

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