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This Instagram Account Helped Two Lesbians Find Lost Love at Coachella

This Instagram Account Helped Two Lesbians Find Lost Love at Coachella

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Let’s go lesbian love detectives!

If you're not familiar with the Overheard brand of Instagram accounts, they're basically most known for posting some of the funny, outrageous things that people overhear in a specific city. But Los Angeles' Overheard account, OverheardLA, isn't content with just doing that. Now, they've taken a Coachella missed connection and turned it into a sapphic love story for the ages!

"Overheard Missed Connection," the account posted in its Insta stories yesterday, sharing a message it received from one of their followers. "Coachella missed connection!! I know it's so cliche to fall in love at Coachella but I did. All I know is her name is Alex and she lives near [Culver] or [Palms] maybe? We were talking and dancing before/during Finneas and then my friends wanted to move closer and we got split in the crowd."

"She was wearing a striped shirt and space buns, and we even talked about going to a drunk paint nite together lol," the lovesick lesbian wrote. "Can't believe I'm doing this but really want to see her again, can you guys work your lesbian magic here? Oh, and she has a dog! We were talking about dogs."

missed connection

Immediately, LA-area lesbians were on the case. The account got several responses from sapphics who were quick to scan their Coachella pics and videos for a cute girl in stripes and space buns at the Finneas show.

Others quickly added to the "useless lesbian" trope by asking what space buns are and checking to see if it was their friend Alex who has three cats (not a dog) and who wasn't even at Coachella.

useless lesbian

After a false lead involving a "gorgeous le$ coworker" who was at Coachella, lesbian group chats started getting involved, and that's when you know it got serious.

"Hi! My friend Lexi was at Coachella in space buns. This sounds like her, but people don't usually call her Alex? Is there any chance she said Lex," another user asked. What OverheardLA didn't realize is that Alex/Lex/Lexi/Allie is one of the most common sapphic names out there, and has a million different versions. But now we're really getting somewhere.

overheard lesbian

With a quick check that it might've been "Lex" and not "Alex," the case was starting to get even hotter -- then it was suddenly broken wide open.

"Hi! I'm Lex (short for Alexis). That was me! And I'd love to see her again," another user said in a message to the popular Instagram account.

It's all happening folks!!! OverheardLA asked this Lex to confirm the name of the other girl, and she DID!!!! And as the account itself said, "Holy Sahara space buns, y'all have done it again!"

sahara space buns

The account promised to update us with any UHaul or wedding announcements, so we can probably expect those to come next weekend, during the second wild weekend of the popular music festival.

Once again, lesbians have proven that nothing can stop love (or at least a cute first date). Good luck to all the girls, gays, and theys going to Coachella next weekend. Hopefully, it will be as successful for you as it was for Lex and her new girlfriend.

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