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John Roberts' Boy Band Past and More Revelations from NYCC

John Roberts' Boy Band Past and More Revelations from NYCC


The voice of Linda Belcher opens up about Bob's Burgers

On Thursday at New York Comic Con, the cast of Bob's Burgers sat down for a panel to discuss the new season of the FOX animated series and answer fans' most burning questions. While they spilled some secrets from upcoming episodes (Linda goes blond, we will finally meet Bob's estranged father during the Christmas episode), it was John Roberts, the voice of the burger matriarch, who offered some of the most interesting revelations.

When asked about the development of Linda's character, Roberts revealed that it all stems from the voice, which is an extension of his famed YouTube character based on his own mother, Marge. When prodded about his distinct voice (and devilish good looks), Roberts jokingly revealed he once audition for a boy band "many years ago." While he didn't offer much else on the topic, it's easy to picture Roberts hamming it up as the fifth member of an all-male pop sensation.

While it seems that Roberts has voicing Linda down to a science -- he often sounds just like her when he gets excited -- he admitted that does have some difficulty in the booth. "I have a hard time making gag sounds," Roberts said during the panel. Of course, what that exactly meant was left to fans' imaginations. It should be noted the gagging sounds have never interfered with Linda's singing, which has been on display over the past few seasons. The show's creator, Loren Bouchard, promised a soundtrack from the show is on its way.

Throughout the course of the panel, the cast was peppered with questions about everything from what they loved most about their characters and their thoughts on the Archer/Bob's Burgers crossover. On the latter, Roberts said he was stunned by it all. "It was so totally cool to cross over into that world." And aside from H. Jon Benjamin, who voices both Bob and Sterling Archer, Roberts was the only actor asked to participate in the crossover episode. One major difference between recording both shows he found the most surprising: going into the recording booth alone for Archer. (The cast of Bob's Burgers records all their vocals together.)

As for what Roberts loves most about Linda, he likes that she accepts her children for who they are and offers unqualified support to "let them grow in the freaks that they are."

Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 7:30 pm on FOX.

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