Who Do You Think You Are, Jesse Tyler Ferguson?

Who Do You Think You Are, Jesse Tyler Ferguson?

Photo Credit: TLC

We love when celebrities have skeletons in their closet. But sometimes Who Do You Think You Are? can really tug those proverbial heartstrings when it uncovers troubled ancestors and disturbing family secrets that may have been better left unknown. Except: We all seem compelled to search and want to know more. When you're a celebrity, you get a whole team of experts who can unravel the baffling mysteries. Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson digs into his family roots thanks to the Emmy-nominated show and discovers that his great-grandfather was plagued with problems.

Here we have a sneak peek of the episode that airs July 30 (at 9 p.m.) when JTF discovers a shocking crime within his family, and comes to learn that his great grandfather led an unprecedented expedition to the Alaskan Klondike in search of gold. Oh and there are some jaunty scarves and headgear, so if you are chilled by the history lesson, pay attention to the accessories!

Watch the clip below:

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