David Mixner Decamps to Towleroad

David Mixner Decamps to Towleroad

Author, political strategist, civil rights activist, and Out 100 honoree David Mixner has announced that he’s closing DavidMixner.com, writing “Nothing has given me greater pleasure over the last six years than to share ideas, knowledge and the beauty in the world. I am humbled by your loyalty and commitment to DavidMixner.com. In fact, its very growth is the reason that I have accepted Andy's offer. DavidMixner.com has grown so fast that almost every day, I was seeking, writing, and creating posts that would be worthy of my readers. Doing this slowed down my ability to do other creative writing as well as limiting my time for other pursuits. With tens of thousands of readers and growing rapidly, I had to make the choice of it being a long term life journey or allowing new challenges into my life… look for new books, plays and other creative (and possibly crazy) activities. I am really jazzed about this decision.”

The Andy he refers to is Andy Towle, proprietor of Towleroad.com, where Mixner’s writings will appear a couple of times each week.

Towleroad today writes, “While we are sad to see [Mixner’s] rich, opinionated, energized site come to an end we are thrilled that one of the pursuits born as a result will be a regular series of columns at Towleroad, in which David will write about LGBT issues, foreign policy, politics, and other of his varied interests such as wildlife and the climate.”

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