Quote of the Day: John Barrowman on His Nude 'Arrow' Costar

Quote of the Day: John Barrowman on His Nude 'Arrow' Costar

After same-sex unions became legal in California once again, John Barrowman ran out to get married to Scott Gill, his partner of 20 years. The actor, beloved from his queer alien role on Torchwood and now starring in Arrow alongside the sexy Stephen Amell, told We Love Soaps:

“My mom and dad always said that relationships are work; you work at them. If something goes wrong or someone makes a mistake, you have to be able to forgive and forget and move on from it. If you decide to end something because of something stupid — like someone making out with someone at a party because they were drunk — is it really ruining your whole relationship over it, just because of that one little mistake?”

We're reading between the lines, but we're thinking Barrowman certainly hasn't stopped appreciating the beauty of other men. He goes on to reveal: "One of the criteria when I got the job: I said to Andrew Kriesberg [the show's writer-producer], ‘I’ll go ahead and do it, but you have to write me a scene where Stephen Amell is naked.’”

[H/T to Queerty]

If you're not familiar with Stephen Amell's deliciousness, see below:

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