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WATCH: Sexy Stephen Amell in 'Arrow' Trailer

WATCH: Sexy Stephen Amell in 'Arrow' Trailer

We have to be honest, ever since Tom Welling decided he was too good to take off his shirt in Smallville, we kinda lost interest. So now that CW is launching the spinoff, Arrowabout Clark Kent's rich buddy who fights crime without any perceived superpowers (other than extreme wealth and amazing marksmanship with a bow and arrow)—we're glad that they realize the shirtless factor does play some importance in our viewing pleasure.

While Justin Hartley, who played Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the Smallville franchise, didn't make it over to the spinoff, we can't say that we're sad that, um, robust Stephen Amell was cast as Queen/Arrow (can we just start calling him Queen Arrow? It would make things so much easier—and fun).

We don't want to know what sort of HGH is going into those crazy arms, and Queen Arrow does seem like a Rambo ripoff out to exact some scary vigalante revenge, but we do admire those guns for being human but bordering on SUPER human. I mean, archers need great forearms right?

The show premieres October 10, in the meantime, we're ready to be teased some more. Watch this teaser below.

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