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Music Stars Praise George Michael In First Freedom Trailer 

George Michael, George Michael Freedom

The passing of a legend never goes unnoticed, and the bigger the star, the longer lasting the ripples their death leaves in the industry. For George Michael, who died suddenly late last year, his loss is still felt keenly not only by the people he touched with his music, but by the LGBTQ community, as well.

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In the newest trailer for his posthumous upcoming documentary, George Michael: Freedom, music legends from Elton John to Mary J. Blige remember the passion Michael infused into his art. “I want to leave songs that will meaning something to other generations,” Michael says in an old clip. He succeeded in his mission, not only making relatable songs, but living unapologetically as a queer icon. Before Lady Gaga, before Kesha, before Frank Ocean, there was George Michael in a leather jacket and a tight pair of jeans. Watch, below. 

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