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How Gay Is Pokémon Go?

How Gay Is Pokémon Go?

pokemon go
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The latest installment in Nintendo's hit franchise is taking the world by storm, and gaymers everywhere rejoice.

You've probably seen this all over your social media feeds: Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have unveiled the latest iteration of their kooky gaming universe: Pokemon Go.

The game came out on July 6th, to mixed reviews. (Forbes called it an awful game but "an augmented reality home run.")

Pokemon Go, which sends players out into the real world to hunt for Pokemon characters, has inspired an incredible amount of reactions from all walks of virtual life:

The gaymer crowd has been particularly vocal, posting pics of where they find their Pokemons everywhere. It's got so out of hand, in fact, that moderators of the Facebook Gay Geeks page had to curb the crush of Pokemon geekery:

pokemon go

Some think the gay interest may have something to do with a rather striking new Pokemon character, Professor Willow. Countless posts liken him to a hot daddy:

One gay geek and Pokemon Go player, Alex Jun Rivera, wrote on his Facebook to explain why Pokemon is such a hit with the gays:

"This is something else to bring you closer to other people. A shared passion for a subject is the easiest way to break the ice and get to know someone you might not have wanted to in the first place."

Whatever the case may be, the immersive game continues to invade the web, and gamers and gaymers alike couldn't be happier.

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