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LGBTQ+ Voters, Justifiably, Preferred Biden, But Trump Made Big Gains

Trump and Biden
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The exit polling is in.

61 percent of voters polled who identify as LGBTQ+ say they voted for Biden, according to an exit poll done by Edison Research for the National Election Pool. This is a lower percentage of LGBTQ+ voters than supported Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Out of the 14,318 voters questioned in the poll, 7 percent identified as LGBTQ+. Of those voters, 61 percent said they voted for the Democratic nominee while 28 percent voted for Trump. That 28 percent is higher than Trump got in 2016, and higher than Mitt Romney or John McCain received. These numbers are in sharp contrast to non-LGBTQ+ respondents, who voted 51 percent for Biden and 47 percent for Trump.

While LGBTQ+ voters are still widely voting Democrat, these numbers actually show increased support for Trump from four years ago. Exit polls in 2016 showed that 78 percent of LGBTQ+ voters voted for Hillary Clinton, compared to just 14 percent voting for Trump.

These early exit polls show support for Trump has nearly doubled among LGBTQ+ voters since four years ago. The number of LGBTQ+ voters voting Democrat is also lower than when Obama was running. In 2012, 76 percent of LGBTQ+ voters chose Obama compared to 22 percent who voted for Romney. 2008 saw 70 percent of LGBTQ+ voters choosing Obama, compared to 27 voting for John McCain.

The percentage of voters who identify as LGBTQ+ in exit polls has slightly risen over the last two elections. Just five percent of voters polled in both 2012 and 2016 identified as LGBTQ+, compared to 7 percent this year.

This year's vote is hotly contested, and the day after Election Day we still don't know the winner, and we likely won't for a few more days. Additionally, exit polling may be inaccurate, as there was a record number of mail in and early ballots cast. Still, this increase in LGBTQ+ support for Trump is frightening to see.

Many have called Trump the most anti-LGBTQ+ President in American history. His administration has attacked everything from trans students rights, to LGBTQ+ healthcare, to non-discrimination policies, to trans people in the military.

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