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No, Trump Did Not Win Record LGBTQ+ Support in Election

New, more comprehensive reports, push back on earlier assertions.

The Incoming U.S. Congress Will Be the Queerest In History

And this representation is becoming increasingly intersectional.

Steve Kornacki Has a Message for All His Fans

The Kornacki cam may be powering down for now but our love will endure!

Meet the LGBTQ+ Organizers Who Turned Pennsylvania Blue

By creating inventive ways to engage LGBTQ+ voters across the Keystone state, these heroes may have saved our Democracy. 

Watch Steve Kornacki's Analytical Data Prowess In Real Time

And we are loving every minute of it.

Watch Shep Smith Debunk Every Trump Lie From Recent Victory Speech

"Allegations of voter fraud, allegations of trying to steal the election, none of that is true. Not one word."

Steve Kornacki Is Your Gay MVP Breaking Down the Electoral College Map

If there's one bright spot of the gutwrenching process of watching the presidential race, it's Kornacki.

These 3 States Haven't Ever Elected LGBTQ+ State Legislators

Despite historic wins in Delaware and Tennessee, much still remains to be done for LGBTQ+ representation.

Viral Video Debunks Claims Trump Is LGBTQ+ Ally With Clips of Trump

A new video highlights the hypocrisies that Trump displays on the LGBTQ+ community in less than two minutes. 

Lady Gaga Blasts Trump, Shouts Out Ex at Biden Rally

After going back and forth with the president on social media, the pop icon lit into him Monday night.

Meet Olivia Raisner, Joe Biden's Out Gay Traveling Digital Director

The lesbian campaigner is helping to craft the online presence of the most pro-LGBTQ+ general election candidate in history.

Biden Vows to Pass Equality Act in First 100 Days — There's a Catch

The legislation would protect LGBTQ+ Americans from discrimination in various aspects of life but there's already a looming threat.

Pete Buttgieg Outsmarts MAGA Heckler, Keeps Foot on Trump's Neck

"Do you denounce white supremacy?" He asked. "See if you can get your president to do the same thing!"

Presidential Debates Haven't Asked LGBTQ+ Questions In Years

But this year they were urgently needed.

Pete Buttigieg Is Back, Burning Trump In New Pre-Debate Clip

Fox News must be gluttons for punishment.