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Lady Gaga Blasts Trump, Shouts Out Ex at Biden Rally

Lady Gaga at a Biden Rally

After going back and forth with the president on social media, the pop icon lit into him Monday night.

Lady Gaga knows this is the biggest election of our lifetimes, so after weeks of nonstop social media posts about voting for Joe Biden, she took it a step further and brought her star power to Pennsylvania for a last minute Biden rally urging Pennsylvanians to get out and vote "like this country depends on it."

Gaga pulled out all the stops, performing her Oscar winning song "Shallow" and "You and I" for the crowd of cars at the drive in rally. "If you're here you probably already believe in Joe Biden," she said, "I know I believe in Joe Biden!"

"You don't need me to tell you why," she continued, "because like me, you've experienced the last four years and have all the evidence you need to look at this choice and know in your heart without any doubt that Joe Biden is the right choice." She urged everyone who hasn't voted yet to get to their polling places as early as possible tomorrow. "Bring a friend or two... bring your neighbor, a member of your family, and together, cast a vote for your country and be willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for what you believe in."

In her intro to "You and I", Gaga took an opportunity to bring up her ex, Taylor Kinney, who she met while filming the music video for the song. "Well, I was engaged to a man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I know, I know. It didn't work out. I loved him so much. It just did not work out," she said, "but I still love my Pennsylvania guy, I love Joe! So Joe's my new Pennsylvania guy."

She made sure to shoutout her current boyfriend too, just in case he might get jealous, "To my boyfriend that's here tonight," she said, "I'm so sorry I had to do the whole 'Pennsylvania, and I dated a guy here' thing. I love you so much, but it's true."

"Vote like your life depends on it, or vote like your children's lives depend on it," she added, "because they do."

Gaga, who has been an outspoken advocate for victims of sexual violence ended her speech by reminding everyone at the rally how vile Trump is. "To all the women and all the men with daughters and sisters and mothers, everybody, no matter how you identify, now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of their bodies," she said, finishing with a clear message, "Vote for Joe. He's a good person. Thank you"

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