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Violet Chachki Reveals Full Story on Stealing Sharon Needles' Crown

Violet Chachki Reveals Full Story on Stealing Sharon Needles' Crown

Violet Chachki, Sharon Needles

The story of Violet “stealing” Sharon’s crown is much more complicated than we thought!

She done already done had herses!

One of the most dramatic and scandalous stories in RuPaul's Drag Race herstory has finally been fully dissected.

Violet Chachki, who was once accused of stealing Sharon Needles' crown from winning Drag Race season four, has now provided a full explanation as to what really happened at the time. During a recent episode of Chacki's podcast with Gottmik, Nogorge, the season seven winner recounted what really went down for her to be accused of stealing Needles' crown.

Chachki first established the setting, recalling, "I performed in the pageant where Sharon [Needles] was wearing her crown - where I stole her crown. [But] I didn't actually steal the crown. My friend [censored] stole the crown."

She then went on to tell the story:

"Sharon was there in Atlanta judging a pageant. And of course, as you do, you wear your crown to judge the pageant and you give the scores. It was very official. I was backstage and my friends were all backstage helping me. It was, like, loose security back in the day."

She continued:

"We go to another bar after this club called Jungle - called Burkhart's at the time - and I remember my friend specifically drove a black Mercedes. It was a bunch of my friends and they were like, 'We got you something.' (...) And I remember then being like, 'If this is Sharon Needles' crown, I'm going to kill you.' They pop the trunk of their Mercedes and it's literally Sharon's crown sparkling at me. And I'm like, 'No...!'"

According to Chachki, this is what followed:

"So we're watching Jinkx [Monsoon's] season and this commercial on: 'Ru'Dunnit?' And it's on YouTube, and it's literally a commercial about who stole Sharon's crown."

Chachki recalled, "Then I was like, I'm just going to post a picture of me wearing it."

"So she set it as her Facebook profile picture," Gottmik shot back. "'Who stole Sharon's crown?' on international television, and she's a random girl in Atlanta, sets up her profile picture on Facebook, friends with tons of Drag Race girls. 'There's the crown!'"

Violet Chachki wearing Sharon Needles\u2019 crown

Chachki added, "And then articles came out, then the local newspaper picks it up..."

"You're such a scandalous person," Gottmik chimed in.

"You know what happened next? They said, 'Hey, you want to be on Drag Race?'"

Alas, the crown has been safely returned to Needles, Chachki clarifies:

"Sharon has the crown back because my friends were all Radical Faeries. And I guess Sharon's, like, friends with Radical Faeries too. I don't know."

You can watch Chachki's full Nogorge video with Gottmik below.

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