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RuPaul Gets Candid About Open Marriage, Calls Monogamy a 'Hoax'

RuPaul Gets Candid About Open Marriage, Calls Monogamy a 'Hoax'


"I wouldn’t want to put restraints on the person I love the most on this planet.”

In a deeply personal interview with Vanity Fair, its November cover star, RuPaul Charles, opened up about everything from identity and family to his work life. He even spoke candidly about his open marriage to husband Georges LeBar.

Throughout the nearly 16-minute video, the "poster child for drag around the world" gets more and more personal as the camera, set up on a dolly, moves closer and closer to his face. Viewers get the rare chance to see RuPaul's iconic over-the-top drag persona stripped down bare.

When asked how he and his husband decided to have an open marriage, he answered simply and confidently: "We didn't decide." "The hoax," he continued, "is that monogamy is something that can actually happen." I mean, I'm as poly as they come, but monogamy is definitely something that can and does successfully happen all the time. He's entitled to his opinion, though.

Still, the RuPaul's Drag Race creator's reasons for believing this are rooted in is deep and abiding love for his husband.

"I wouldn't want to put restraints on the person I love the most on this planet," he told the magazine. "Listen, if you get something that you cannot resist and that is gonna make you happy, go for it. Because the truth is, I know in my heart of hearts like I've ever known anything before, that man loves me more than anything else in this world." That's genuinely beautiful.

RuPaul also opened up about how he met his husband. "I met Georges on the dancefloor at the Limelight Discotheque in 1994," RuPaul said.

LaBar was standing at 6'8" plus platform shoes, and a very enamored RuPaul -- who is himself 6'4'' -- asked if he could put his arms around the man's shoulders. "I'm tall," he continued. "I've never been able to put my arms around someone's shoulders who was taller than me."

The interview is filled with more personal questions for the actor, producer, performer, and activist. Right now, RuPaul is obsessed with the Bee Gees and "striped French sailor shirts" and said he misses the "very un-PC" drag of New York City in the 1980s, when brash, envelope-pushing performers like Lady Bunny ruled the scene. But after 40 years in the business, RuPaul said his only fear is "ignorant people."

If you're at all interested in the mind or soul of RuPaul Charles, the interview is a must-see.

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