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Steve Lacy Opens Up About Coming Out: 'I Think It’s Silly'

Steve Lacy Opens Up About Coming Out: 'I Think It’s Silly'

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"I don’t care to announce who I’m into sexually," the Grammy-winning singer said.

Last year, Steve Lacy’s album Gemini Rights was one of the hottest records, winning the Grammy for Best Progressive R&B Album and spawning the hit “Bad Habit.” It’s also an album about his breakup with an ex-boyfriend, making Lacy one of the biggest queer artists in music right now.

However, despite that title, Lacy says he never really meant to come out, and he finds the idea “silly.”

Lacy was chatting with Variety when he talked about a 2017 Tumblr thread where a fan asked if he would date a guy. “Sure, why not,” he replied at the time, thinking nothing of it.

But when headlines started reading “Steve Lacy Comes Out as Bisexual,” he got frustrated.

“But I didn't really come out,” Lacy said to Variety, “I didn’t try to – it just kinda happened. I don’t care to announce who I’m into sexually. I think it’s silly. I never felt like I needed to come out.”

He also says that while he is out now, and while many of his lyrics are about relationships with men, he doesn’t feel like he represents the queer community.

“I never care to speak for anyone else, because I think all of our experiences are so different from each other,” he said. “I guess I have a selfish perspective of myself in the world, and I’m just expressing myself. I’m not necessarily doing things for other people to feel good about themselves.”

Fellow LGBTQ+ artist Syd, Lacy’s bandmate in The Internet, also spoke about her experience with finding out that Lacy was queer, which happened through the news.

“I think being a gay man is very different from being a gay woman,” Syd said. “I didn’t even want to assume that I knew what he was going through. I just wanted to let him know as a sister that you can play this as low-key or as high-key as you want to. It doesn’t matter, and whenever you’re ready to open up about it, we’re here.”

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