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Elliot Page 'Couldn't See The Future' Before Transition

Elliot Page 'Couldn't See The Future' Before Transition

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Page has opened up about the struggles he faced before transitioning.

Elliot Page has been very open about the struggles he faced before he transitioned, and now, he’s opened up even more about that and how much better life has been since he came out.

On a recent episode of the On Purpose podcast, hosted by Jay Shetty, Page opened up even more about how difficult life was for him before he was able to transition.

“For significant periods of my life, I struggled to function on a pretty basic level, it was hard for me to literally sit down, it was hard for me to be productive, for me to present at all,” Page said on the podcast. “I couldn’t see the future because I didn’t know how much longer I would last feeling that way.”

Page then went on to describe how different his feelings are now that he has transitioned, and how whole that difference is.

“It’s actually hard to describe when it’s literally now every aspect in every moment of my life, you know, like when people go, ‘Oh, what was your last incident of gender euphoria?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, this morning when I was drinking coffee in silence and just being able to sit and have my coffee,’” he said. “Doing things in the past that I did enjoy, but a part of me wasn’t there so, it could be going to meet some friends in the park and I’m really able to just be in the park with them.”

Throughout his transition, Page has been very vocal about his experiences and feelings. He even

released a memoir called Pageboy, where he went in depth about his relationships, the homophobia and transphobia he's experienced, and the joyful moments in his life.
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