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Anthony Bowens Claps Back at Claims He Talks About Sexuality Too Much

Anthony Bowens Claps Back at Claims He Talks About Sexuality Too Much

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The out AEW wrestler knows who he's doing this for!

AEW World Trios Champion wrestler Anthony Bowens has opened up about his journey accepting his sexuality and coming out, and while some homophobic fans are complaining, Bowens is standing strong.

Bowens penned an open letter to All Elite Wrestling fans through The Player’s Tribune, where he talked about how when he began his wrestling career, he was missing one important thing: personality. And the reason he was missing that was because he was closeted and wasn’t “able to tap into everything that makes me me.”

He then thanked fans for embracing and loving who he fully is, sexuality included.

“Thanks for letting a queer Black kid from New Jersey live out his wrestling dream,” he wrote. “Thanks for coming to this party just as you are.”

Unfortunately, some wrestling fans aren’t so accepting, and have been commenting that they “don’t care” and that “nobody gives a damn about your orientation.”

Now, Bowens is making it clear that he didn’t write the letter for those fans.

“I get both positive and negative comments that say ‘who cares, we support you’ or ‘it doesn't matter… he's talking about it too much’ in regards to my speaking about being an out athlete,” Bowens wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “My kind of activism isn't in your face, but I do not shy away from talking about it when asked, and there's really never a time where I'm not asked about it.”

“If you're someone making that comment..THIS part of my life isn't for YOU,” Bowens said. “It's for those that can relate to me and the struggles that I have gone through in my life because of it. I didn't have someone to look up to and now I have the opportunity to be that others. So yes, it DOES matter.”

“There are plenty of other things that YOU can relate to outside of that,” he continued. “Whether that is just the love of pro wrestling in general, losing an important loved one and promising to make them proud, getting bullied in elementary school, a POC getting called the N word in high school, overcoming being a shy introverted kid, my body transformation in the gym, etc. The list goes on.”

“It doesn't matter who you are, those are HUMAN experiences that a lot can relate to no matter what your beliefs are. If you're choosing to focus centrally on the LGBTQ+ stuff then you're tipping your hand to being someone that leads with hate,” he said. “Focus on the things that bring us all together, rather than getting angry at the things that make us different. You'll live a lot happier life. See you on #AEWDynamite”

Once again, Bowen proves he’s not just a champion in the ring — he’s also one in life.

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