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This Trailer For a 'Comedy' Film About Trans Athletes Is the Worst Thing We've Ever Seen

We're more bothered by the lack of talent and skill in this movie than by the transphobia.

We're Very Thankful for Colton Underwood's Back Arch

Talk about great form!

Ashlyn Harris Speaks Out on Ali Krieger Divorce, Denies Cheating

Harris took to Instagram to tell her side of the story.

NBA Star Dwight Howard Outed in Lawsuit Alleging He Assaulted a Male Model

Howard admitted he engaged in a threesome with the plaintiff but says it was consensual and posted a video saying, “Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business.”

Hockey Player Jesse Pollock Declares NHL's Pride Tape Ban Was 'Stupid'

The hockey forward took to TikTok to let everyone know what he thinks of the league's ban, which has since been reversed.

NBA Star Dwight Howard Denies Allegations He Sexually Assaulted a Man

Howard said in court documents that he had "consensual sexual activity" with another man, but claims there was no assault.

Olympian Matthew Mitcham Revealed He's Not 'Completely Honest' With His Husband​

During an episode of SAS Australia, the award-winning diver admitted to lying to his husband about his sex life.

These Out-And-Proud Athletes Changed the Game For LGBTQ+ People in 2023

These athletes and activists are making the field more LGBTQ-inclusive.

Gays Thirsted After NFL Player & Skims Model Nick Bosa–Then Found Out He’s a Trumper

Has a gay internet crush ever ended this quickly???

NHL Lifting Pride Tape Ban After a Hockey Player Proudly Used It During a Game

Players will now be able to show that they support LGBTQ+ fans and hockey players while on the ice.

'Supporters of Robyn' Is the New 'Friends of Dorothy'

The Philadelphia Phillies baseball team is leading a resurgence in the Calum Scott cover of "Dancing On My Own," but pop icon Robyn's original will ALWAYs prevail!

Sophia Bush & Ashlyn Harris Are Reportedly Dating Following Their Respective Divorces

The two stars recently filed for divorce from their respective partners.

Diana Nyad Reverses Her Stance on Trans Sports Participation, Calls For Inclusion

After "a lot of deep diving," the 2023 Out100 honoree's views on transgender athletes have evolved.

These College Baseball Stars Were Once Rivals—Now They're Boyfriends

“We just had that connection instantly," pitcher Aiden Phipps said.

NHL Bans Pride Tape, Stops Players From Showing LGBTQ+ Support At Games

The league had previously banned wearing Pride jerseys during games.

Gus Kenworthy Shows Off His Hairy Shirtless Chest in Steamy New Insta Post

The Olympian turned actor wants you to know the chest is chesting!

Anthony Bowens Claps Back at Claims He Talks About Sexuality Too Much

The out AEW wrestler knows who he's doing this for!

32 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet

So is the future of football finally becoming more and more LGBTQ-inclusive?

Watch Bad Bunny & Gael Garcia Bernal Make Out in New 'Cassandro' Clip

Things are getting hot in here!