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Brothers Osborne Epically Clap Back at Homophobic Twitter Troll

Brothers Osborne Epically Clap Back at Homophobic Twitter Troll

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"Good riddance, douche."

The Brothers Osborne won't be having any of that.

When a bitter troll on Twitter tried to tell the band that they need to "shut up and sing," like another famous country music group, the Brothers Osborne clapped back in the best way possible.

The band has been sending out several political messages recently. They've been tweeting about global warming, about Pride Month, and, of course, they're talking and tweeting about gay marriage, as bandmember TJ Osborne publicly came out as gay last year.

They've retweeted tweets criticizing Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas and a tweet from out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg about how many Republicans voted against protecting marriage equality this year.

This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about the band. However, it somehow still is. One ignorant "fan" tweeted at the brothers, saying: "Ohhh, you're going to get political now? Nah. You sing songs, bro. I'm out. Unfollow, purge playlists. Not sure when artists will realize you can only alienate half your audience with your personal politics. Always lots of self-importance but no self-awareness."

The Brothers weren't having any of that, though. "There are literally politicians who are actively motivated to ensure that one of us isn't allowed to marry," they replied. "But we must stay muzzled because we 'sing songs, bro'. Good riddance, douche."

Now that's how you deal with a troll.

True fans of the band agreed, with one of them pointing out, "1. Love isn't political. 2. They only get mad when artists get 'political' against their beliefs. They love when Uncle Ted (Nugent) or Kid Rock get 'political.'"

The Brothers Osborne are currently on tour, with shows upcoming in Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. If you don't mind them getting a little political while they rock out, you can buy tickets at their website.

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