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Harvey Guillén Talks Being Typecast As Nightwing For His Bubble Butt

harvey guillen

Harvey Guillén knows we love his bubble butt — and he loves it too!

In the latest trailer for the upcoming third season of HBO Max's beloved animated series Harley Quinn, in which Harley says “hello ladies, gentlemen, theys, and gays,” we get our first look at the brickhouse superhero Nightwing, who will be played by one of our favorite actors, What We Do in the Shadows star Harvey Guillén.

Just as Guillén is in real life, Nightwing is known in the comic for his sizable assets, namely his rear end. If you ask most DC fans who has the best butt in comics, Nightwing is the easy answer.

When W asked Guillén about comments online that he was typecast as the vigilante because they both share a distinctive “bubble butt,” he laughed.

“I’m not ashamed of my body, so when people try to say, ‘That’s just typecasting,’ y’know what? I’ll take it. Show off your best assets.”

We’re very thankful he does!

In the interview, Guillén also talks about becoming the plus-size sex symbol he always wanted to see. “My plus-size idols were John Candy and John Belushi. These were all Caucasian men,” Guillén said. “I was like ‘where’s the plus-size, queer, Latino?’ There wasn’t. Now there is.”

“I realized at a young age if you don’t see yourself represented, then be the first,” he also added. “No one left the door ajar for me…so I’ll leave it wide open. Make a line, come on in!”

The entire interview wasn’t just focused on Guillén’s entry into the DC Universe (which will continue with a live-action appearance in the Blue Beetle movie). Guillén also talked about the newest, and gayest season of What We Do in the Shadows.

“This absolutely is a queer show,” he said. “All the vampires are queer and we’ve not officially heard it from anyone who’s human on the show, because they’re dealing with human emotions. We’re going to see [Guillermo] ask himself questions and that’s okay. There’s no expiration date on finding comfort in your own skin.”

What We Do in the Shadows airs Tuesday nights on FX and Harley Quinn Season 3 debuts on HBO Max on July 28.

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