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Laverne Cox Wore a Life-Size Replica of Her Barbie Outfit For Her Birthday

Laverne Cox Wore a Life-Size Replica of Her Barbie Outfit For Her Birthday

Laverne Cox

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In celebration of her recent 50th birthday, Laverne Cox became the ultimate real-life Barbie. After Mattel released an official Barbie based on the Orange Is the New Black alum, Cox decided to become that Barbie for her 50th Birthday party.

"There is a Laverne Cox Barbie coming out, so I am having an outfit made," Cox said in a video posted to her Twitter today about the dress. "I'm going to have that look recreated, so I can wear it to the Laverne Cox 50th Birthday/Barbie Party. And Garo Sparo is making the outfit for me!"

Cox and Sparo then chat like the old friends they are. They met back in 2006, and Sparo said he could tell Cox was going to be a star.

"I told her then, 'girl you have stars in your eyes, and I see big things for you,'" he said.

Cox also has a video on her YouTube showing off some of the fun and festivity at her party. In the video, she walks through her party, checking out the Barbie decorations and photo-ops. Then she talks about getting her party look ready, which is modeled directly after her Barbie. We don't only see her getting dressed in the Sparo dress and outfit, but she shows how her makeup and hair were also inspired by the Barbie.

"Barbie was something I was not allowed to play with as a kid. As an adult I've gotten to buy myself Barbies and play with them, and reparent my inner child. And my mother has helped with that," Cox says in the video. "So I hope this Barbie, particularly being the first Barbie modeled after a transgender person, I hope that it inspires particularly LGBTQ+ youth, trans youth, and just anyone out there of any age to believe that anything is possible, to believe that here is is healing, that even if you don't see yourself represented in my Barbie, in the media, that you can create spaces where you do see yourself, where you are represented."

At the end of May, Barbie announced its new Laverne Cox Tribute Collection Barbie, the first Barbie doll designed after a trans woman. Cox had helped design the doll's look, including having input on the clothes, picking her favorite color, oxblood red, for the gown.

You can buy the Laverne Cox Barbie online and in retailers now.

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