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'Big Brother' Star Derek Frazier Claps Back at Fan Who Fat-Shamed Him

Derek Frazier on Big Brother 23

Derek is proud of his body.

Big Brother 23 runner-up Derek Frazier is clapping back at a fan who criticized his body on social media.

Frazier was very forthcoming about feeling proud of his body and showing it all off during his stint on Big Brother 23. He often spoke about wanting to represent Black gay men who look like him. On Monday, April 18, however, an Instagram follower questioned Frazier's body positivity.

"If you really believed you look 'better than the guy with the six-pack,' then you wouldn't be trying so hard to GET a six-pack, now would you?" the fan commented. "You also wouldn't be EDITING YOUR PICS to create a fake silhouette. The distorted door frame behind you is proof you edited this pic. Look, do whatever you want but you spent an entire season on TV mocking everyone else's appearance, and now you post a pic with breasts bigger than Marilyn Monroe's, but you expect no one to mention it? Your strange sense of entitlement - you can mock and criticize others, but no one can criticize YOU - is misplaced and insupportable."

Frazier responded, in part, on Instagram stories.

"Let me just say this: if you make a fake profile, you're a f*cking coward," he wrote. "Alert: if you make a fake profile and talk sh*t, you're a coward." The BB23 runner-up then wrote a lengthy response to the fan specifically.

"I would love to see what you look like but you're such a coward that you had to make a fake profile so no one can judge you!" he began. "ONLY A COWARD WOULD MAKE A FAKE PROFILE TO TALK SH*T. Let me say this! I am not trying to gain a six-pack! I have never said that. [I] actually embrace the size l am! Belly, tits, and all! Also, I never judge people on how they physically looked! I only judge people on how they acted! My photos are not [edited]! WTF! the only thing I edit is the light and contrast in the photo! I still have a belly and you can see that in the photo! I just wear high-waisted clothing and I have lost 20 pounds! People can judge me all they want! I am [a] f*cking reality star and [a] legend's son so I get it! But I will speak up and bark back because [there] are people in the world who can't say anything back to you f*ckers and get bullied for being plus size."

Derek is the son of Joe Frazier, a.k.a. "Smokin' Joe," who is best known for being the first-ever boxer to beat Muhammad Ali in a boxing ring. While it is fair to say that Frazier wasn't exactly beloved by some Big Brother fans while competing on the series, this fan's particular criticism feels misplaced. Frazier has indeed always appeared to be proud of his body and didn't make that a secret on BB23. The Cookout alliance member also wasn't known for criticizing other people's bodies on TV. Frazier has been criticized for spending too much time in bed or on the couch, for not winning too many competitions, for the bad things he said about Tiffany Mitchell, and for his warped view of his own accomplishments and gameplay in the competition.

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Bernardo Sim

Bernardo Sim is a writer, content creator, and the deputy editor of Out. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.

Bernardo Sim is a writer, content creator, and the deputy editor of Out. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.