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Bosco's Tweet Ignited a Discussion About 'Sides'—Here's What It Means

Bosco's Tweet Ignited a Discussion About 'Sides'—Here's What It Means


Are you in your Side Era?

Bosco said 'Side Rights!'

The Seattle-based drag queen who competed on season 14 of RuPaul's Drag Race isn't afraid to stir the pot, tweeting her opinion on the whole top/bottom/side debate.

"I think we as a community are lying about how much we enjoy anal," she tweeted. (Now those are fighting words!)

While it may sound controversial, Bosco had a lot of support.

"The fact that sex is still reduced to 'penetration' should be canceled. #sorrynotsorry," one person tweeted.

"Honestly you're right, it's fine but there are a lot of other fun things to do in bed," another said.

"We're all in our side era, just nobody wants to admit it," wrote Twitter user @markeimark.

Over the last several years, the "side" sexual identity has become more popular. No longer are there just tops, bottoms, and verses -- now, you can be a side.

While top means you prefer to penetrate your partner, and bottom means you prefer to be penetrated, side simply means you prefer not to do anal penetration at all.

Sides may prefer things like oral sex, hand sex, foreplay, and "outercourse" over anal penetration. Basically, it's everything but butt.

Where do you fall on the top/bottom/side debate? Are you tired of all the prep you have to do before a bottoming session? Maybe you don't like the pressure of penetration? Is anal just not your thing? Or are you a classic top or bottom?

However you like to have your gay sex, we support you.

Earlier this year, Bosco made headlines when she revealed that she had started hormone replacement therapy after finishing Drag Race.

"I'm trans, my pronouns out of drag are she/they, I'm the happiest I've ever been. Love, Bosco and her AAA size titties" she tweeted at the time.

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