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Omar Apollo Wants You to Know He Isn't a Queerbaiter & Likes Sucking D

Omar Apollo Wants You to Know He Isn't a Queerbaiter & Likes Sucking D

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The "Evergreen" singer set the record straight after a fan on Twitter questioned whether or not he was "queerbaiting."

In case you missed it, gay R&B crooner Omar Apollo wants you to know that he likes sucking dick. (Celebs, they're just like us!)

Taking to Twitter on Monday, the "Evergreen" singer and recent Grammy nominee responded to a fan who questioned whether or not he was "queerbaiting," i.e. pretending to be queer for attention/clout.

"Is Omar Apollo another queerbaiting singer?" Twitter user @purposeflaming asked. "Like those type 'I don't label myself, let me wear cropped and paint my nails and I say I find another guy hot' cuz I like his song but I don't like supporting straight men doing queerbating."

Well to set the record straight, Apollo had a very simple, succinct reply: "no i b sucking dick fr."

And in case you were curious about HOW he likes to suck dick, he added "from the back" in a thread reply.

On a more serious note, this is far from the first time Apollo has talked about his sexuality and how he identifies.

During an April 2022 interview with NPR, he even went on the record to say that he's, in fact, gay. In fact, he calls himself "very gay" and that he's "totally about" that.

"I don't really care. I feel like in the beginning, I was trying to be mysterious and stuff, but now I'm just like -- I'm very gay, so I'm just like, whatever," he told the outlet." It's funny, every time I'm doing an interview, they're like, 'You don't like to...' I'm like, 'Damn, do I really come off like that?' But no, I'm totally about it. Maybe I was trying to keep the mystique, you understand? But I don't even care anymore."

So just in case Apollo ever comes across another "fan" who wants to question the validity of his sexuality and whether or not he's another one of those "queerbaiters," we now know for certain what he's into -- and he couldn't be more relatable!

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