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Here's Why Fans Think Frank Ocean & Omar Apollo Have Dated

Here's Why Fans Think Frank Ocean & Omar Apollo Have Dated

Frank Ocean, Omar Apollo
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There even seems to be some evidence to support this theory!

Is the new Ivory album suddenly about a relationship Omar Apollo had with Frank Ocean!?

Recently, social media fans started to put certain clues together regarding a potential relationship between Ocean and Apollo. In short, both singers appear to have been on a trip to Italy during the exact same time and at the exact same locations - which prompted this speculation.

While there have been certain rumors about Ocean and Apollo potentially dating for a few years, it wasn't until recently that fans started to compare images and build a dossier on this speculated relationship.

For instance, one TikTok user analyzed various social media posts shared by Ocean, Apollo, and his friend Jake, coming to the conclusion that all of these people are hanging out together during their trip to Italy. You can watch the full video analysis below.

But that's not all! During an episode from the Like a Virgin podcast shared on April 28, 2022, co-host Fran Tirado told a story he heard about Ocean and Apollo privately dating for as many as three years.

Tirado said in the episode:

"So, when I was driving late at night back from a Coachella party, I was driving home [with] two friends of friends that are from Mexico and they work in the music industry. One of them was friends with Omar Apollo, so we were talking about this new album [Ivory]. And I was saying, 'It feels really Frank Ocean-y to me.' Half of it is very acoustic-y, kind of. Like John Mayer-ish, like, 'feel good' vibes. And then some of it gets a little Latin music. And then the rest sounds like Frank Ocean. And I was like, 'Well, it sounds a lot like Frank Ocean.' And the guy looks at me and he goes, 'You know they used to date, right?' They dated for three years and they broke up and this album, Ivory, is all about Frank."

[iframe height=232 width=100%]

Based on all of these social media posts and Tirado's podcast reporting, one might give Ivory a listen with the perspective that the album could very much be about Ocean. Alas, fans won't really know whether or not the two singers did date for a while until there's confirmation from one of them. With that said, Ocean is a very private person, and Apollo isn't very public, either.

Everyone's reaction to Ocean and Apollo potentially dating has been full of excitement and curiosity. We stan these two queer legends!

Omar Apollo's new album, Ivory, is now available on Spotify and all other music streaming services.

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