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Adam DiMarco Wants Theo James to Punch Him in the Face & Same

theo james

The White Lotus has one thirsty cast!

The White Lotus is known for its internet-breaking sex scenes, but behind the scenes, the show's actors are into some pretty physical stuff too.

Recently, a clip of The White Lotus season 2 star Adam DiMarco talking about his co-star Theo James has gone viral for how thirsty DiMarco seems. We all know Theo James is hot, but just how hot does DiMarco think he is? Well, just listen to what he wants James to do to him.

"I would love for Theo to punch me in the face, and just step on me, and you know, do whatever he wants," DiMarco laughed in a video on Twitter of him being interviewed on the red carpet.

Of course, Gay Twitter can't help but agree with Mr. DiMarco.

If you've been watching this season of The White Lotus, you know that James is playing Cameron, a wealthy and arrogant assh*le and the college best friend of newly rich Ethan (Will Sharpe).

He's spent most of his time on the show talking about money and sex, stripping naked in front of his friends' wife (played Aubrey Plaza), and looking hot.

DiMarco is playing Albie Di Grasso, the youngest family member of the Di Grasso family who is visiting the resort to get in touch with their Sicilian roots. While he's kind and gentle, his father is a sex-addicted Hollywood producer and his grandfather is constantly sexually harassing every young woman he sees.

We don't know if DiMarco was just complimenting his co-star or if he really meant what he said, but we do know that in 2018, he dressed as Elio from Call Me By Your Name with his actor friend Sean Depner as his Oliver.

The White Lotus season 2 is only partially done, so we might still get to see a physical scene between DiMarco and James' characters. Tune in every Sunday night on HBO Max to find out!

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