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Gay Twitter Reacts to Theo James' Naked Scene on The White Lotus Season 2 Premiere

Gay Twitter Reacts to Theo James' Naked Scene on The White Lotus Season 2 Premiere

Theo James and Aubrey Plaza on The White Lotus season 2

The actor is going all out on season two.

Theo James is playing Cameron Babcock on The White Lotus, which is ironic!

The very first episode of The White Lotus season two already included a naked scene from James that features his behind and shows his penis hanging. In this particular scene, Cameron goes with Harper Spiller (played by Aubrey Plaza) to look for sunscreen. While she looks for it, Cameron fully changes his clothes right behind her - but in front of the mirror - in what appears to be an attempt to seduce her.

For context, Cameron is on this trip with his wife Daphne Babcock, and Harper is on the trip with her husband Ethan Spiller. Cameron and Ethan maintain a friendship based on working together, which makes things rather awkward for Harper when she sees Cameron naked in a room with her.

As expected, Gay Twitter went all in on the reactions to this particular scene on The White Lotus season two premiere.

It's clear that Harper is very suspicious of Cameron and Daphne's picture-perfect relationship. However, Ethan is trying his best to keep things amicable given that he has a professional partnership with Cameron and doesn't want to mess that up.

Cameron seemed to deliberately change clothes behind Harper but in front of a mirror so that she could see him naked but he could still have some "plausible deniability." After all, it's not like he was changing right in front of her, even if there was a mirror right there. Overall, though, it's still unclear if he's actually trying to seduce her or is simply playing mind games.

It seems like Theo James will be showing a lot of himself on The White Lotus - and no one is complaining!

The White Lotus season two airs Sundays on HBO Max.

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