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Lil Nas X

15 all-time great queer love songs for a perfect Valentine's Day

These are some of the best love songs by queer artist ever.

A brief history of the word 'bussy'

A rapper using the term "bussy" has caused some people to question if the straights really know what the term means.

Watch Lil Nas X serve glamour & kick Satan's ass in 'J Christ' video

It's time for a new era for Lil Nas X!

Lil Nas X leads us all to heaven with 'J Christ' video teaser

"Bitch I'm back like J Christ," Lil Nas X sings in the clip.

Lil Nas X channels Jesus, poses on the cross for the cover of newest single

The new song comes out this Friday, January 12!

Lil Nas X announces a 'Long Live Montero' tour doc is on the way

2024 will be a big year for Lil Nas X!

10 artists who are teasing new music in 2024

We can't wait to listen to these new songs and albums!

Kid Cudi Claps Back At Christian Rapper's Lame Diss Track of Lil Nas X

“God ain’t have nothing to do with this,” Kid Cudi said.

Lil Nas X Had a Bloody Good Halloween in His Tampon Costume

This is definitely another way to interpret a “bloody Halloween.”

10 Times Fans Threw Things At Artists On Stage

This dangerous trend needs to stop!

Summer of Queer Music: The Merch Needed To Celebrate LGBTQ+ Artists & Allies

Summer of Queer Music: The Merch Needed To Celebrate LGBTQ+ Artists & Allies

From tour-inspired wear to official merchandise, here’s how to celebrate your favorite artists.

Fan Throws Adult Toy On Stage At Lil Nas X Concert

Lil Nas is the latest singer to have something thrown at them while performing.

10 Inspirational LGBTQ+ Songs That Should've Made Rolling Stone's List

Not every queer song has to inspire us to be a good person!

20 Essential Gay Anthems Perfect for Pride Month

These songs will make your June the gayest it can be!

15 of the Best, Most Iconic Met Gala Looks by LGBTQ+ Celebs Over the Years

The gays always know how to serve on the Met Gala red carpet!

Doja Cat Stuns With Cat Outfit Reveal At 2023 Met Gala

It was a tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld's cat!

Lil Nas X Celebrates 24th Bday With 'Playboy'-Inspired Photoshoot

The rapper is clearly ready for his own version of a Playboy spread.

Lil Nas X Shares Underwear Thirst Trap Showing Off His 'Panini'

The rapper is never shy about showing off some skin!

Lil Nas X Tweets About Possibly Being 'A Little Bisexual'

The Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts.