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Wilson Cruz Had the Best Clapback for a Homophobic Star Trek Fan

Wilson Cruz

Once again, Star Trek: Discovery star Wilson Cruz has proven he knows the best ways to shut down haters.

Cruz, who stars as Dr. Hugh Culber on the show, is one of the first out gay characters in a Star Trek TV series. His on-air husband, Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is the other. And while most Trek fans love the progressive message of the series, and love Cruz, there will always be a few haters.

Forbes recently reported on one such hater, who had the nerve to call Cruz an anti-gay slur during a recent event celebrating the show.

“I wonder if this was the moment on stage when I heard a ‘fan’ on Star Trek Day refer to me with a homophobic slur,” Cruz posted on Twitter last week with a picture of him at the event. “Still smiling, though. You’ll never kill my joy.”

The incident occured on September 8, at Star Trek Day, a Los Angeles event celebrating the beloved sci-fi franchise. While the one hater was there in the audience, Cruz seems to have overall had a positive experience. 

This isn’t the first time the icon has clapped back at homophobic haters. Last October when a fan called Cruz a “sh*tty actor on a sh*tty show,” referring to his role on Star Trek: Discovery, he let pictures say a thousand words.

Cruz responded to the hater by sharing images of reviews of the series, which call it Star Trek’s “most thoughtful series yet,” which shows it having a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and praises the show’s emotional beats.

He also reminded the troll that he was one of three actors from the show to pick up a Saturn nomination for the season before the comments were made. Enough said.

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