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365 Days Star Michele Morrone Is Addressing Rumors He Came Out


Michele Morrone is setting the record straight when it comes to his sexuality

The 30-year-old Italian actor, who is best known for playing the romantic lead in Netflix's critically-panned but super popular (and aggressively heterosexual) erotic drama 365 Days, is currently filming a follow-up movie with co-star and fellow actor Simone Susinna.

Earlier this week, Morrone posted a poolside pic of he and Simone getting really close to each other, and after said picture went viral (at the time of writing, the photo has over 2.7 million likes), some online chatter started happening, questioning Morrone's sexuality. 

"I’m a liar," Morrone captioned their wet, skin-baring selfie, which caused many to question what exactly Morrone is "lying" about. 

But now, Morrone is clarifying that while he and Simone are very close, he says their relationship is one of two loving brothers, nothing more, nothing less. 

"I woke up with my team calling me saying, 'There’s a lot of articles saying that you came out,' because of the picture I took with Simone," Morrone wrote in an Instagram Story post, clearing the air. "He became a very good friend of mine, we’re like brothers. We’re shooting a movie together. It was just a picture. Nothing more."

Speaking more about his caption and why he wrote that he was a "liar," he continued: "An actor is a kind of liar. That’s why I wrote that. Acting...as someone who is not. I didn’t come out. So, I’m so sorry for the confusion. As I said, I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community."

While he reiterated that he did not come out of the closet, he also pointed out that he is a self-proclaimed ally to the LGBTQ+ community at large and has love for his queer fans.

"There’s a lot of young guys and young girls...they would love to come out but they don’t do it because of their families. You know, happiness is priceless, guys. Peace and love, I love you so much."

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