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Daddy Don Incoming? Don Lemon Might Be Starting a Family

don lemon and his fiance

The news host and his fiance, Tim Malone, want to get married first.

Don Lemon is ready to be a dad!

Lemon, 55, told Tamron Hall that he and his fiance, Tim Malone, 36 are considering starting a family soon in an interview on Wednesday.

"Yes I'm thinking about starting a family, the CNN news host excitedly said. "Listen," he continued. "We have to get married first." Lemon and Malone have postponed their wedding because of the ongoing pandemic. "We want to be able to celebrate with our friends, we want to be able to celebrate safely.

Lemon continued, saying the couple hasn't decided how they want to get kids yet. "We're thinking, do we want to adopt? Do we want to go through surrogacy? How we want to do it." He added in a joke, "Tim is definitely gonna have to be the one to have the kid because he's younger, his body will bounce back."

Lemon would join a growing cohort of gay celebrity dads including Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Ryan Murphy, and many more. In 2020 Ricky Martin told Out that he resorted to surrogacy because of how restrictive the laws were for adoptioni as a gay man.

"Obviously adoption is an option and it's very beautiful, but unfortunately for gay men it's very difficult to adopt in some countries," he said in his cover story.

Lemon and Malone have been together since 2017, and got engaged in April of 2019. Lemon announced the engagement by showing a picture of a ring on his hand while holding the tags of the couple's dogs. The tags said, "Daddy will you marry Papa?"

"He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no," Lemon captioned the post. Malone had proposed by making custom proposal dog tags and putting them on their two dogs Boomer and Barkley.

During the last few years, Lemon became one if former President Trump's biggest critics, often calling him out directly for homophobia, bad science, and racism.

"You will go down in history as the worst of the worst and some day in the future, that will be all anyone remembers of you: that you were awful, terrible, the worst President, and that you won by an electoral fluke," Lemon said in January when speaking of what he thinks Trump's legacy will be.

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