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'Are You The One's Remy and Justin Tease OnlyFans Collaboration

Rembrandt Durand and Justin

It feels like it's been forever since season eight of Are You the One? aired. With it came history as it was the first pansexual/bi/sexual fluid episode of the show. It launched a handful of short-lived relationships, but possibly more importantly, it launched a few of its cast onto OnlyFans. 

Though the show ended in September 2019, by April 2020, Remy, Justin, and Brandon from the show had launched on the platform. And for what it's worth, they've been pretty intently working at them, building them out with content. And we're not talking about that "behind the scenes" content that other celebrities are peddling: the group is turning out x-rated content the platform is known for.

Of them all, it's likely Remy who has built the largest name for himself in the space. Even prior to appearing on the show he had become as a "legendary top" in New York City, sometimes selling x-rated content in a one-on-one capacity. He upped that with a cameo appearance in a film, and now with OnlyFans he's gone all the way. He even returned to to film a socially-distanced shoot. Now, he's returning to Are You the One.

Though their time as a couple on the show didn't work out, it looks like Remy and Justin could be showing us some Boom Boom Room footage soon. 

"Should we give the people what they want finally," Remy wrote to Justin in a text exchange Remy posted to Instagram stories. 

"TOP ME," Justin replied. 

"LMAO let's do it king," Remy responded. Wow, a storyline and all. This is what they call a "crossover event" in the business.

Remy captioned the post with "Coming to our *nlyf*ns soon." Justin reposted the message to his account.

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