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'AYTO's Remy, Justin, and Brandon Have Launched on OnlyFans

Remy, Justin, and Brandon from Are You the One are now on Onlyfans.
With almost everyone being ordered to stay inside, online traffic is at an all-time high. So while businesses that rely on people to come in to their shops have forced to shutter — read almost all of queer nightlife — a whole swath of people have redoubled their efforts to make money online. Enter OnlyFans and a few of your favorite stars from Are You the One.
Though just weeks ago Lil Nas X joked about whether or not he should start an account on the subscription-based platform, a whole lot of people aren't joking — they're doing. An email that the company sent out indicated that they had 60,000 new creators sign up on the platform. This was a part of a massive 3.5 million new signups for the month in general — the rest of the signups were subscribers. Of the higher profile creators looking to get a cut of that pie: Remy, Brandon, and Justin from Are You the One season 8.
"Hey guys, I finally made one!" Rembrandt Duran, also known as Remy, wrote in a post Sunday. "NYC's Bisexual Top Legend finally bringing you the slutty content you've always wanted! I'll be posting either daily or every other day!"
Remy joining the platform comes after years of selling his own nudes and videos on an ad hoc basis. Over time he had established himself as somewhat of a sexual savant — that we've written about multiple times before — before appearing on AYTO and then parlaying that into a cameo on a film. Earlier in the presidential campaign, he even said that he would launch an OnlyFans if Bernie Sanders became the Democratic nominee. Though that is unlikely to happen, it seems that he just couldn't resist. 
"I started the OnlyFans because it's ... well it's just time!" he tells Out. "Everyone had been asking me for it and I was like I have nothing but time and opportunity right now, you know? What I really wanted to do is give everyone the access they had always wanted to my finsta from back in the day when I could post my random hook-ups and [send] nudes to my close friends. That's where a lot of my notoriety comes from — my wildness in my finsta days!" To recreate that, the Out100 honoree has reached out to people he filmed with previously for their permission and will be posting that content along with some newer stuff. In a post, he wrote that he would "keep the bi content and the gay content pretty even."
But he isn't the only one from the cast on the platform. Justin Avery Palm also launched an account. Palm even filmed a soapy teaser trailer for the launch. Both Palm and Duran worked a lot in events and nightlife prior to quarantine meaning that their streams of income have been abruptly halted.
Brandon Davis, who also appeared on the season, says he started his account a while ago but never posted. He finally began to post consistently in early March.
"I realized that I had something people would be willing to pay to see which could fund things that I wanted to do like trips and stuff, or potentially get me out of my job just by taking pictures and videos," Davis says of why he launched. "I'm still working but I liked the thought of having three full-time incomes so I can save more money during the quarantine and by the time this is all over, I'll be in good financial standing." He describes his content as a "whole lot of body" and "some sexy ass melanin."
"[I] just thought of it as an opportunity instead of a fear," he says. 
Well, you know what they say: when life gives you quarantine, take nudes!
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