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This TikTok Star Is Bleeding Views After Flaunting His Homophobia


Life was good for TikTok influencer, Cash Baker. The younger brother of the musical duo Cash and Maverick had over 16 million followers on the immensely popular video sharing network, and his videos had netted over 800 million combined likes. Then the 17-year-old spent the last few weeks posting videos explaining his homophobic Christian beliefs, and his views and likes have been on a highway to hell ever since.

“Me, being a Christian, can I support the LGBT+ community?” Baker rhetorically asked on a recent video. “So am I behind the LGBT+ community? Do I promote it? Do I encourage it? Absolutely not.”

Saying his beliefs come “not from me but from the Bible itself,” Baker has since indicated he is unconcerned about his drastic loss in viewers, which by his own estimation is roughly 70 to 80 percent. 

In one video, he revealed his friends had warned him about the overbearing tone of his recent videos, but he didn’t care about the potential loss in viewers or sponsors because he’s “just trying to preach the truth and what the Bible says” before insinuating he’s only doing this for everyone else’s good.

“If you believed in a hell, and you believed that some of your family and some of your friends, even people you don’t know, might go to hell and burn in hell for the rest of eternity—would you tell them about it, or would you just stay quiet and not say anything?” Baker asked. “You would most likely tell them about it, right? And that’s what I’m doing.”

It’s pretty clear from his drop in followers that they’re telling him something, too.

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