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Lil Nas X Wants to Know if He Should Join OnlyFans

Lil Nas X shirtless.

Lil Nas X is in the books of history. His "Old Town Road" hit cemented that singlehandedly.That track’s meteoric rise saw the singer and rapper racking up a ton of accolades, perform on some of the biggest stages, and even land a Super Bowl commercial — and we know those are pretty slim pickings. And now he’s looking to give back to the fans and supporters who helped him get there. With an OnlyFans?

On Thursday, Nas X took to Twitter to ask questions about the popular subscription-based platform.

“Is OnlyFans a place where [you] can interact with just your true fans?” he wrote. “I too would like to create one.”

As most of us know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where content creators can upload text, photo, and video based posts and charge subscribers a monthly fee for access. While this content can be anything and sometimes includes fitness tips or music lessons, a large content of OnlyFans is content … more suited for adults. 

“It absolutely is Lil Nas X,” Steve Pym, the Head of Marketing for OnlyFans tweeted. “And a great way to connect with fans during such uncertain times as these.”

The other responses to the post, which was obviously trolling as Nas X does so well, played into the bit.

“You need some guidance,” Rhyheim Shabazz, a well-known performer on the platform responded to the initial tweet with a devil emoji.

“King, you’d be a billionaire in a day,” Tayte Hanson also tweeted. “But if you do it use my referral code.” The move is a smart one: OnlyFans gives a 5% lifetime cut to anyone who refers another user to their service.

A user tried to explain the service to Nas X: “Yes we trade pictures,” they wrote. 

“What like memes?” the performer asked. Yep, just like that!

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