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The ‘OnlyFans for Warren’ Gay Was Just on ‘The Daily Show’

Kenny and Ty Mitchell.

It was only a few weeks ago that Twitter user and OnlyFans creator Kenny launched a little campaign of his own in the midst of the presidential election. The premise was simple: donate to Elizabeth Warren, see him naked. And boy has it taken off. What started as a joke has turned into a grassroots campaign of sorts that has seen the porn performer raise over $6,000 and land an interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

“One Elizabeth Warren fan has been giving you more than just fliers to throw away,” Desi Lydic said in a segment on Tuesday night after Super Tuesday, before throwing to her sit-down interview with Kenny.

The pun and bleep-filled segment explains exactly why Kenny is such an ardent supporter of Warren (her healthcare plans are important as he’s a Type 1 diabetic) as well how Disney+ can get on the porn performer’s level and charge $9.99 a month (“if Elsa starts shoving a dildo up her butt, maybe Disney+ should start charging more”). Kenny also admits that though he’s always been a Warren fan, he’s “blue no matter who.” That’s no doubt welcome news to a few others he’s inspired.

Since the launch of his campaign, Kenny has gotten a few others to put up their sexy material (or the possibility of it) for the greater good. Namely: studio performer Ty Mitchell who offered up a 20-minute video of himself and fellow studio performer Max Adonis, to anyone who donated over $3 to Bernie Sanders prior to Super Tuesday. According to Mitchell over 120 people took him up on the offer, which was directly inspired by Kenny. 

“I didn’t expect to raise a big sum, my priority was just helping boost the campaign’s number of individual donors and get some porn fans a little more engaged with the campaign than they were before,” Mitchell tells Out

Are You the One’s Rembrandt “Remy” Duran took to Twitter to say that he would officially start a JustForFans (presumably X-rated material) if Bernie wins. Whether he means the nomination or the election, is unclear. Duran, who has done an acting cameo in a porn film and also sells private clips on a case-by-case basis, hasn’t responded to requests for clarification yet.

With Super Tuesday out of the way though, some things have changed, namely people’s outlook on Warren’s chances.

“I’m super bummed with the results of Super Tuesday — and I think I speak for a lot of people, in addition to Warren democrats,” Kenny says. “This entire race we’ve listened to candidates come for Biden and supporters drag Biden through the mud, even resurfacing his anti-LGBTQ+ past, attacking Anita Hill, voting to send our troops to Iraq, and the list goes on. It took 3 candidates dropping out for everyone to rally behind Biden and all their supporters to rally behind Biden.

“We saw Bernie supporters even rally behind Biden while the media even gaslit us into believing, or trying to believe, that Warren has no chance in this race so what was the point,” he continues. “Warren is strong as hell, put up an incredible fight, and had an honest, fact-filled campaign. I will support Warren until she tells us to stop and I’ll inevitably, like our three drop outs’ supporters, support her endorsement, but after Super Tuesday I think Biden is going to come through to snag the nomination which is something I don’t think anyone saw coming.”

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