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RuPaul Thinks Having Sex Is Overrated

RuPaul Thinks Having Sex Is Overrated

RuPaul Thinks Having Sex Is Overrated

But Cara Delevingne disagrees.

During a recent episode of his podcast, RuPaul got real with guest Cara Delevigne about sex. According to the Drag Race host, it's kind of overrated.

"I'd say that I can probably count maybe on two hands the amount of times that I've enjoyed having sex," Ru said the latest installment of What's The Tee? With co-host Michelle Visage. "Probably on two hands, maybe on one hand, maybe my right hand.

"I know that in the songs and in the movies they tell us we're supposed to really really like it ... we're sort of forced to say that, 'Oh this is the best thing,'" explained the drag legend, who lives owns a ranch in Wyoming with his husband, Australian painter Georges LeBar.

"I like laughing more than I like having sex," RuPaul said.

Delevingne, who will appear as a guest judge on Thursday's episode of Drag Race, agreed that "laughter in sex is so important. Because you watch movies and you're like ... that's what sex will be like and you have sex and you're like: 'Wow.'"

The bisexual model and actress also opened up about her own sex life, admitting that she finds it "quite difficult to receive pleasure and love and things like that, so I love to give."

"It is different with men and women. For me, I'm always very submissive with men, always. But then with women I'm the opposite," she added. Top confirmed!

Delevingne, who is dating Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson, confessed that while she used to be a party girl but would "rather have sex than go out now." She also said that "part of sex -- that connection -- is feral. You meet someone but when you go in the bedroom, it's another animal. To me, that is so interesting. There are certain people who are super-sexy and they flirt with you, then you have sex with them and they are terrible. But I like people who seem really prudish then, when they get in the bedroom, they're like, 'What?!' It's like a whole transformation."

Delevingne also explained that she's always down to clown. "If I walk into a room and everyone's having sex, I'll probably join in." Let's hope RuPaul isn't in the room.

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