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X-Men Introduce New Trans Mutant in Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1

X-Men Introduce New Trans Mutant in Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1


Welcome to the X-Men, Escapade!

The X-Men have always been about marginalized people coming together to form a chosen family, and now they're doing that in an all-new way with a brand new trans character debuting in the upcoming Marvel's Voices: Pride #1.

While Marvel's Voices: Pride will feature plenty of LGBTQ+ heroes we know and love, the issue will also introduce a new trans mutant named Escapade, real name Shela Sexton, in a story by acclaimed sci-fi author and trans woman Charlie Jane Anders and drawn by Eisner-nominated cartoonists Ro Stein and Ted Brandt, with colors by Tamra Bonvillain.


Escapade's powers include the ability to instantaneously switch physical locations with another person, or to "trade any specific physical or abstract attribute such as possessions, organizational status, skills, superhuman powers, and even situations!"

However, she's only able to maintain her power for a few hours at a time, and must be within seven feet of someone to switch with them. Also, the more complicated the switch, the higher the chance for a mix-up.

In her debut story, Escapade will be traveling through the Marvel Universe with her tech-savvy best friend Morgan Red (who's also trans and also a mutant), and a tool belt full of an arsenal of stolen tools and devices. The two work as professional thieves, stealing from criminals and corrupt organizations...until they meet Emma Frost and Destiny and start down a new path in life.


After her debut in a 20-page story in Marvel's Voices: Pride #1, Escapade will then appear with the X-Men in an arc in New Mutants, guest-written by Anders coming out this fall.

"I have loved the Marvel Universe for as long as I can remember, and may or may not sing the Spider-Man cartoon theme in the shower on a regular basis," Anders said in a statement. "So I was so thrilled to be able to introduce a brand-new hero to stand alongside all of my favorites. I hope that Escapade and Morgan Red will inspire trans and non-binary people everywhere to believe that they, too, can fight for justice with the power of creativity and chosen family."

Check out Escapade, as well as all your other favorite queer Marvel heroes in Marvel's Voices: Pride #1 when it arrives in comic stores on June 22.

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