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DC Comics Introduced an All-LGBTQ+ Justice League for Pride Month

DC Comics Introduced an All-LGBTQ+ Justice League for Pride Month


The team includes Midnighter and Apollo, Batwoman, The Ray, Bunker, and more.

Throughout the years, there have been countless versions of the Justice League, and now, for Pride Month, we finally have an all-LGBTQ+ one!

As Gayming Mag points out, the all-queer Justice League -- christened the JLQ -- is introduced in the all-new comic DC Pride #1, in the short story "Love Life" written by Andrew Wheeler, with art by Luciano Vecchio and Rex Lokus. It features Aqualad (civilian name Jackson Hyde) going on a date with his boyfriend Syl (an apprentice magician) to his first Pride celebration.

Unfortunately, the parade is rained upon by the powerful supervillain Eclipso. At first it seems like Syl teleports away to safety, but he soon returns with a whole team of queer DC heroes.

The team, gathered by Extrano, a powerful sorcerer who is DC's parody of Dr. Strange, features his husband Tasmanian Devil, The Ray, Steel, Batwoman, Crush (Lobo's daughter), Bunker, Midnighter and Apollo, Wink and nonbinary character The Aerie, Traci 13, Shining Knight, and asexual superhero Tremor.

The best part about this team is that there are plenty more queer superheroes in the DC Universe, and the writer didn't have to include every single character in order to have a large group.

Other queer heroes in the anthology that weren't featured in this Justice League Queer include transgender superhero Dreamer, Alan Scott's Green Lantern, The Question, John Constantine, and of course, our favorite chaotic comics couple Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The other best part is that the story isn't just about queer superheroes, it's by a queer creative team, just like every other story in the book. LGBTQ+ creators included in the anthology span from writers like James Tynion IV, Mariko Tamaki, Sam Johns, and Steve Orlando, to artists like Rachel Stott, Trung Le Nguyen, Amy Reeder, Stephen Byrne, Sophie Campbell, Kris Anka, Mildred Louis, and Kevin Wada.

DC Pride #1 is currently on sale everywhere comic books are sold, so buy a copy today and show your support for all your favorite LGBTQ+ superheroes and creators.

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