Out100: Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint


By Out.com Editors

Ice Cream Entrepreneurs

Photography by Danielle Levitt

When gourmet food trucks began dishing up artisanal delights on wheels, this romantic and professional couple were there at the forefront, offering unusual, high-quality soft-serve ice cream with plenty of queer quirk. Since then they’ve parlayed their cheeky Big Gay Ice Cream brand into two brick-and-mortar shops in New York City, served up desserts at a politician’s same-sex wedding and A-Lister affairs, and made quite a few TV appearances along the way. The question still drives the guys crazy: “Does the ice cream make me gay?” No, it doesn’t. But would that be such a bad thing?

Photographed at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York City on September 16, 2013

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