Are White Gay Men Too Privileged to Understand Racial Inequality?

We can sift through the minutiae of the killing of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford, or we ...

Outing Iceland’s Whaling Industry

An anti-whaling advocate, Sigursteinn Másson continues to educate his country and the world to end the barbaric practice …

By Brandon Presser

Trans Mother Receives Working Mother of the Year Award

Meghan Stabler discusses her historic win

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Sign of the Times: Nakedness in a Digital Age

In San Francisco, where nude men once gathered to chat in the sun and employees of Silicon Valley discover new ways for …

By Richard Rodriguez

Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson Proposes to Boyfriend

He was celebrating the striking down of the state’s ban on same-sex marriage

By Editors

Marriage Equality In 5 More States: More to Come?

U.S. Supreme Court's decision not to hear seven cases allows marriage wins to stand in Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, …

By Michelle Garcia

Facebook to Amend Real Names Policy Amid Drag Queen & LGBT Protest

The world’s largest social network has apologized for its crackdown on pseudonyms. Today's planned protest becomes a …

By Alex Panisch

Pride & Prejudice

Mark Simpson remembers being part of the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners—and having a crush on Mark Ashton for all …

By Mark Simpson

French Court Grants Adoption Rights To Lesbian Couple Who Conceived Through IVF

In a historic first, the top civil court in France has ruled that authorities must allow a lesbian woman to adopt her …

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Anti-Discrimination Clause Added to Olympic Host City Agreement

The International Olympic Committee takes a stance on acceptance

By Dennis Hinzmann

3 New Gay 'Geniuses'

Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter, and Mary L. Bonauto named MacArthur Grant Fellows.

By Alex Panisch

How Joan Rivers Changed TV (and My Life)

In most of the obituaries for Joan Rivers, her time as the host of the nascent Fox network’s The Late Show Starring Joan …

By Paul Colichman

I’m So Happy for You

When well-meaning sentiments are actually straightsplaining in disguise

By R. Kurt Osenlund

Hollywood Not So Great For Gays

According to a survey of 5,700 SAG-AFTRA members, half of LGBT performers face discrimination.

By Alex Panisch

God Loves Gays Billboard Counters Westboro Hate

After the great flood, God created the rainbow. Now, he's back to defend those who have adopted it as their symbol. …

By Michelle Ehrhardt

4 Things to Know About Martine Rothblatt

America’s highest paid female CEO is a transwoman with some radical ideas about the future.

By Alex Panisch

Joan Rivers Dead at 81

One week after she was rushed to the hospital, legendary comedienne and trailblazer Joan Rivers has died.

By Alex Panisch